Natural Gas, Propane, Wood, Electric, Pellet/Corn Stove? We heat with Wood, an old-fashioned wood stove in the living room.  My husband grew up with this and finally talked me into it.  At first I was a solid no, then the price for propane went sky high and I changed my mind.  Now I love it!  Our home is toasty in a way the furnace could never do.  When I am showing homes we generally see natural gas in the cities.  But about an hour out of town and other options start popping up.  We can heat our home with Propane and have a propane furnace for back up.  The years we have used just propane we will use about 3 tanks a year, each tank is 500 gallons. I figure if we purchase our propane in advance, meaning before winter the cost is about $1200-1500 a year.  About 4 years ago there was a propane shortage and the cost more than doubled.  Likewise if we use just wood we spend about $1000-1200 a year to have it delivered all cut and split.  This week a friend from my hubby’s VFW is giving us wood for next year from a fallen tree.  So we do have opportunities to reduce the price of heating our home with wood. When I check into average utility costs for homes my client’s are interested in I usually hear anywhere from $120-170 a month for natural gas.  Most buyers are concerned that propane will be so much higher than natural gas but this adds up to $1440-2040 a year.  Another option I am not very family with to heat your home is with a corn or pellet stove.  I have been in homes that use these and the heat feels very much like our wood stove.  I would love to hear from someone on how many bags of pellets or corn it takes to heat your home. Looking for ways to conserve on your energy consumption?

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