Downsizing sounds so romantic, just me and the hubby. Guess what it is harder than that. Our decision to downsize was based more on economics than romance. Yet somehow I imagined the empty nest to be the first time in years we would have real together time. Now I just joke and say for empty nesters we have a very full nest. The logical decisions we wanted to accomplish were simple, a one level home with the laundry and everything on the same level. We wanted to downsize not just the size of our home but also the expenses – mortgage, taxes and utilities. To accomplish this we needed to find a smaller home. Ok the search was on!  We picked a home that was about half the size of our current home, reasonably this was ok for two people versus when we were a family of five. Next was deciding what to take and what to get rid of, half the size means half the stuff.  Somethings were easy to donate, trash, garage sale or just hand down to the kids.  Other items were harder, like the wedding dress I still feel bad I didn’t keep. The living rooms were about the same size so we thought our furniture would fit. What we did not realize is that the flow of the room was so different that our big over stuffed furniture would not fit the new home. My hubby made out ok with garage size but with downsizing storage is a real challenge.  We finally took the small extra bedroom and really organized with to be a “closet” room, with shelving and clothes rack.

If you are considering downsizing I would suggest making a list of the reasons why.  Then look at long term needs such as stairs,  yard size and home maintenance.  Are you comfortable with your current home expenses or are you trying to reduce those also. Then location, where has many factors such as family, location to medical and shopping, retirement community or maybe a town home or condo living.   Lynn Frantzen Facebook

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